Cinequest – Picture the Possibilities

Empowering Youth Media Through Film

We had the privilege to participate in Picture the Possibilities (PTP) a global youth program developed by the prestigious Cinequest Film Festival. The program fosters creativity and empowers youth to voice their reality, picture a desired future or dream, and access their capacity to make that dream real. Our participation included mentoring youth in the areas of screenwriting, video production and hands on filmmaking. The week long program challenged youth to learn the basics of filmmaking in order to develop and shoot a short film script titled Listen Up! And so by mentoring youth in the process of filmmaking not only did we teach them about film but we were also able to demonstrate how such process could be used to set personal goals and dreams and achieve them.

We had an amazing experience and look forward to more inspirational and empowering programs such as Picture the Possibilities.

Please take a moment to watch Listen Up!

To learn more about PTP and how you can become involved visit them online at: Picture the Possibilities.

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