Making of a Music Video

Behind the Scenes with Crashscene

No doubt shooting music videos is one of our favorite things to do here at Effusion Pictures.  And not just because ever so often we have beautiful women strolling on set in lingerie but because of the many creative talents on set. You got the band or artists, the video production crew, hair and make-up, wardrobe, set designers, photographers, etc.  You can literally feel the creative energy on set at all times.  For the most part artistic folks are much more  laid back, which helps to create a chill work environment where spontaneity is welcomed from all departments to compliment and elevate the production value.  Of course preparation for any shoot is key and we do our homework vastly before stepping foot on set. However, having the flexibility to be allowed to create on-the-fly adds an organic element to the production that everyone appreciates and also makes working on set FUN! When everyone is having a good time on set, working side by side creating art, that’s when you get the best work across the bar.

ARTIST: Crashscene
ALBUM: I Fall Apart
LABEL: Dream Ranch Entertainment

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