a.k.a.”OUR MOJO”


We’ll be asking lots of questions and listening intensely to wrap our heads around your brand and business. We’re huge on collaboration and together we will explore your vision, ideas, research, and brainstorming. Our goal is to make you audience fall in love with you.

Prep & Ready

Here is the most important part in the video production process. Making sure all our ducks are in a row is vital to a great video shoot and workflow in post-production. Everything we explored and discovered in the Development Phase is put on paper and worked out into a plan of action.

Video Shoot

All hands on deck and with everyone on the same page our video production crew is ready to rock! Staying true to our plan of action and creative vision we orchestrate everything from lighting, audio, camera, talent and crew to capture your video in the most cinematic fashion.

Editing & Post

Like a game of chess, our video editors work meticulously cutting, splicing, mixing and grading to assemble a most engaging story. Intense attention to details is placed on rhythm and pacing, story arch, and unobtrusiveness for audiences to be absorbed and connected from the first video frame to the last.