Alejandro Guimoye

Director / DP / Editor 

Alejandro is an award winning filmmaker and video junkie.  He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from CSUS and has been the recipient of five Emmys as well as the “Example of Excellence in Media” award from AWM. Focused, passionate, obsessed, consumed, and tormented by filmmaking Alejandro brings a cinematic style to commercial video productions and a refreshing candor to his narrative films.


Rosario Hernandez


Armed with a Business Degree and 13 years in Media Communications, Rosario is a seasoned Producer to say the least. Before branching out into the commercial video and the motion picture industries she worked with the television network giant Univision for 8 years. Skilled in preparation, execution, and management, she is the glue and muscle behind the success and completion of each project.


Michael Spranger

DP | Aerial Operator

Michael loves adventure and being outdoors! He used to race and deliver sailboats all over the world while finishing a Masters in Business. In the process he discovered and became involved with filmmaking. Combining his two passions has allowed him to travel the world and work with some of the biggest brands. When not hanging off a sailboat or drone flying he enjoys feeding his chickens and tendering to his organic garden.


Andrew Florio

DP | Editor

Andrew is a graduate from UC Davis in Cinema and Technocultural Studies. With numerous successful completed commercials and film productions under his belt he is   a well-rounded and innovative filmmaker. His contagious passion, creativity and determination shines both on and and off set. When not behind the camera or his beefed up editing bay, Andrew enjoys rock climbing, reading and spending time with friends and family.


Iván Jesús Herrera

Lighting Technician

What started as a childhood hobby of lighting stages for local bands, community artists and jazz festivals turned into a bright obsession. From ingenious lighting designs to modifying lighting setups on the fly, Iván has earned a reputation as an invaluable member of the production crew as well as the well deserved nickname of “MacGaffer.” As our social media magnet and expert Iván is proficient in developing and managing social media platforms and outlets.