Behind the Scenes at Rancho's Club Casino Television Commercial Shoot - Effusion Pictures from Effusion Pictures on Vimeo.

The Task? To shoot 4 television commercials in 1 day.

The Challenge? To shoot 4 television commercials in 1 day.

Shout out to our incredible crew and talent who made it all possible. Everyone was so helpful and worked as a team from sun and up to sun down.

Shot and Edited by Luis Solis

Special Thanks To:

Rancho's Club Casino
Warrior Media
Doodad Studios
3rd iView

BTS Rancho’s Club Casino TV

Filming 4 television commercials in one day is no easy task. Throw in a 30+ actors in a small room and you can easily end up with a lighting nightmare. Luckily our talented video crew kept it together and delivered on time and budget! Check out a little sneak peak at the behind the scenes of the making of these 4 television commercials.

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